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Compiling your wedding list

Setting up your new home from scratch is often expensive an exercise and invariably you will have to give priorities to different things and its unlikely that you will be able to afford everything you want to start.

The choice of gift should be left to the discretion of the guest, but it is widely accepted these days that most couples will have produced a wedding list using this site or a paper copy to assist guests in choosing their present for the wedding couple. A wedding list is a practical way of assisting guests who are unaware of how well equipped your home is in providing a gift that will be appreciated by the couple. Using wedding gifts also minimises the possibilities of obtaining duplicate gifts.

You should not attempt to force your wedding list onto your guests but be prepared to offer the list if the guest enquires as to whether one exists, perhaps your wedding list URL can be given out with your invitations.

Within your wedding list it is important that you include a wide range of items to cater for all budgets. The list should also have more gifts detailed than the number of guests you have invited so that for the last few guests who will have access to list will still have a wide range of gifts to select from.

It is inevitable that some gifts will be brought to the wedding reception and you should discuss with your reception venue whether they have any room or area where the gifts can be securely stored during the reception and possibly overnight.

You should nominate one of your attendants, normally the chief bridesmaid or matron of honour, to collect the gifts and ensure that any gift cards are securely attached to the gifts.

After you receive a gift or have been notified that one has been chosen from your list, you must send an acknowledgement via a thank-you letter. The thank-you letter should preferably be personal and hand written, but if pre-printed thank-you cards are used you should include some reference to the gift. You can write all your thank-you letters after you return from your honeymoon, but if you expect to receive a large number of gifts this may appear to be a daunting task and you may prefer to write the letters as the gifts arrive prior to the wedding.
If you have been provided with a cheque or gift vouchers, your thank-you letter should state what you propose buying with them.

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